LULUFEST 2020 was truly a wonderful experience, for all of us. We all had to learn how to best present ourselves and our music from our own homes... very challenging, to make a digital streaming situation accurately communicate who we are, and what our music sounds like. And then there is the challenge of a virtual audience, imagining and receiving the energy being reflected back to us by our listener-watchers. All in all, a very different LuluFest this year... 

The beauty of it now, is that we can go back and watch all  seven performances. Please let us know what you are experiencing in this time of Covid-19.

I speak for myself when I say, that this project certainly took me OUT of the day-to-day bad news, and energized and inspired me to make music. We are thinking to make LULUFEST always available online, even when we go back to live performances. We know that we reached many people all over the world ( the advantage of FB!), and gained many new followers. All in all, very exciting...Thank you all for listening,

Peggy Stern 


If you miss a set, you can view past live streams at Go there now to see our artists introduce themselves and Lulufest!

Please check back frequently  - and don't forget to check in with us via email - as we organize these significant and timely changes.


Lulufest 2020 Live STreams